Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

2 Kings 6: 8–20

Elisha’s ser­vant was afraid.  With his phys­i­cal eyes, the task appeared impos­si­ble.  They were sur­rounded.  They were out­num­bered.  “Alas, my mas­ter what shall we do?” (v 15).  In verse 16 Elisha answered, “ Fear not. For those that are with us are more than those with them.” Then in verse 17 Elisha prayed, “Lord, I pray You, open his eyes that he may see”.

Oh, God – help me remem­ber when I feel hedged in, and pressed on by the cir­cum­stances in my life that what I have is MORE than the cir­cum­stances.  Open my eyes that I may see “that they that are with me are more than they that are with them”.  Open my eyes to see “the moun­tain full of horses and char­i­ots of fire sur­round­ing me.” Smote the eyes of my ene­mies with blindness…and open mine.

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