God Has Chosen us…We are a treasured possession

I have a jour­nal and as I find things that bless me, I write them down and make notes to myself. Scrip­tures that bless me.. Things to remem­ber….  Things God has shown me.  A lot of what I write is a “con­glom­er­a­tion” of these things.  What I am learn­ing right now is about my great value to God.  I don’t think I ever knew that….that I am valu­able to God.  Most of my life I have spend hid­ing from God.  Or run­ning from Him.  To find out that not only will God “allow” me to have a rela­tion­ship with Him, but He wants to have a rela­tion­ship with me.  He pur­sues me.  He loves me.  This, more than any­thing has changed my life.  Beth Moore says “We act out what we believe, not what we know”.  When we truly believe what God says about our value to Him, our life are dra­mat­i­cally altered.  It frees us from hypocrisy.  The great pre­tend.  “It is eas­ier to act than to clean up our act”.  It frees us from unnec­es­sary fear.  We can be real about where we have been, where we are, and where we want to be.  We are in His fold and we are called His friends.  “Do not be afraid; you are worth more than the spar­rows”.  I love that.  Spar­rows are like the “itchy scratchy peo­ple” of the world. They are not the red­birds or the blue­birds, but spar­rows.  Plain, brown spar­rows.  Not the beau­ti­ful peo­ple of the world, but plain ordi­nary peo­ple like you and me.  My rela­tion­ship with God has changed from hid­ing from Him, to run­ning to Him.  Arms outstretched…boldly…shamelessly.   I can hardly keep quiet about what God has done for me.  You and I are trea­sures to God.  We are His Heart.

“For you are a peo­ple holy to the Lord Your God.  The Lord your God has cho­sen you out of all the peo­ples on the face of the earth to be His peo­ple, His trea­sured pos­ses­sion.” Deut 7:6



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